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Brief review

Sending out bulk email often means battling a difficult interface. This isn’t the case with Mail Direct. Mail Direct comes with an easy to use interface that’s nicely packaged. While this program can use some adjustments, Mail Direct is one of the better options available.


Mail Direct has been set up for ease of use. Anyone seeking to send out mail in bulk will find Mail Direct helpful. This program also offers many features and customization options that are easy to configure.

Main Function

The purpose of Mail Direct is to make sending out bulk emails easier. With support for both plain text and HTML in addition to many other features, Mail Direct does what it was built to do, effortlessly. The one area of Mail Direct that could be improved upon is the editing function. Mail Direct’s editor is somewhat bulky, but this can be worked around.

Extra Features

From easy importation to custom field mail merging, Mail Direct is full of features that all users will find helpful. Feature-wise, the one thing that cannot be accomplished with this program is that it does not include a WYSIWYG HTML mail editor, so keep this in mind.


While Mail Direct is priced over $50, this price is justified. Many other bulk mail programs are far more confusing and do not work as well. If you have a large number of emails to send out daily, Mail Direct is well worth looking into. Just make sure to note the few cons listed above.

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Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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